In Amerika haben sich KMF-Opfer erfolgreich gewehrt

Der amerikanischen Internet-Seite  [Anmerkung: Die Webseite ist zwischenzeitlich nicht mehr abrufbar] ist zu entnehmen:
„In a letter to Smart Money, Richard W. Munson wrote, ‚The asbestos bogeyman is only the beginning of Owens Corning’s financial nightmares. Fiberglass is nothing less than man-made cloned asbestos and that it is also a deadly fraud made by the same greed-driven KILLERS that manufactured asbestos. In fact I have no doubt that one day fiberglass insulation will be revealed to be one of the top ten manufacturing BLUNDERS of the past century.‘
‚We are sitting on a powder keg ready to explode,‘ says Ted Estey, owner and manager of Polar Insulation in Crestview, Florida.“
Estey weiter: „‚The jury ordered builders of Dina Melamed’s homes to pay her $55,850 because she suffers permanent, asthma-like breathing problems because she inhaled fiberglass. (…)‘
Fiberglass insulation products on the market today are:
· Synthetic mineral fibers with some percentage of fiber diameters less than 3.5 microns, and some percentage of fiber diameters less than 1 micron. The latter are asbestos-sized fibers.
· Routinely coated with carcinogens like resins of phenol and formaldehyde.
· When ingested and inhaled over a period of years in an occupational environment, able to produce debilitating, permanent lung disease including cancer.
· When ingested and inhaled in an overdose situation over a short period of time, able to induce severe, chronic respiratory infections and allergy-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, bloody noses, sore throat, laryngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, lack of energy, depression and extreme chemical sensitivity. These symptoms may be due to the resinous coatings.
· Capable of damaging cellular DNA in all types of tissue with which it contacts, a probable first step toward cancer.
(…) The Branstetter family settled for $125,000 in an out-of-court agreement. The jury was going to award them over $1,000,000 but the Branstetters couldn’t afford to fight any longer. They had to get out of their home. There is nothing worse than finding out that your home is making you sick. And on top of that, $125,000 will never replace their daughter’s health!
‚Builders are waking up to the fact that fiberglass is a deadly fraud that has cost Americans astronomical sums in wasted energy, financial resources, and human lives,‘ says Richard Munson. ‚I make no bones about the anatomy of my hatred for the people and products of the fiberglass industry. I’ll go to my grave shaking my fist in their faces and I’ll continue to be a stone in their shoe by telling the facts to anyone who will listen . . . because I don’t believe that no one wants to know.'“

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Glaswolle gibt’s in den verschiedensten Ausführungen. In einigen Jahren werden die Mainstream-Medien heuchlerisch die Frage stellen, wie das KMF-Desaster jahrzehntelang ungehindert funktionieren konnte.


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